Denver WestLot Coors Field

The architectural character of Denver's Lower Downtown (LoDo) neighborhood embodies the city's enduring western urbanism, a blend of commerce and craftsmanship that has defined its historic core through generations of change and growth. The redevelopment of the West Lot presents an opportunity, and perhaps a responsibility, to contribute to LoDo's evolution and become Denver's next great place. The architectural design of the West Lot seeks to bridge the gap between the robust and adaptable structures of the past and the future needs of a diverse and expanding population.

This evolving architectural approach is reflected in all aspects of the design. The market hall pays homage to Denver's warehouse heritage while becoming an iconic destination for visitors to the ballpark and city center, capturing the spirit of future generations. The residential and hotel structures honor LoDo's established precedent for block framing while engaging the public realm in innovative ways, creating an exciting new experience. The office spaces build upon the city's legacy of creative entrepreneurship and serve as a new gateway for those entering the neighborhood from the surrounding region.

However, above all else, the West Lot is designed with the diverse families of Denver in mind. It caters to those seeking entertainment, sports events, and the best that Denver has to offer. Similar to Union Station, this project offers an alternative to the current state of LoDo by providing a family-friendly space that brings together people of all generations and ages. The architecture of the West Lot becomes a tangible representation of the community it aims to serve – vibrant, accessible, diverse, inclusive, and distinctly Denver.

project in collaboration with Stantec