Jacobs Dallas Office


PROJECT/DESIGN STRATEGY: The Jacobs offices in Dallas were designed based on Jacobs' standards, aiming to create an open and collaborative workplace environment that promotes communication, visibility, and mentoring. The design concept utilized a tonal range of crisp whites and sophisticated grays, offset by vibrant color-laminated glass partitions. The office layout centers around a core of support spaces, allowing for a clear and open perimeter. Technology-rich conference rooms divide the open office, offering interesting views across the space. In Dallas, a large multipurpose conference, entertainment, and training area serves as a welcoming space for the community, showcasing the Jacobs culture. With high ceilings, warm materials, and advanced audio-visual technology, this room caters to the needs of Jacobs and the wider Dallas business community.

UNIQUE INSTALLATION CHALLENGE STRATEGY: The tight construction schedule posed a challenge for the design and construction teams, necessitating quick and creative solutions. All workstations, room layouts, flooring materials, and furniture were meticulously aligned with a highly integrated ceiling design. To manage construction costs, broadloom carpeting was chosen instead of carpet tiles. A close and collaborative relationship between the design team and contractor played a crucial role in achieving the targeted move-in date for the project.

project in collaboration with Jacobs
photography by Craig Blackmon