LA Metro East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor

The proposed East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor Phase 1 Project by LACMTA aims to construct a 6.7-mile at-grade light rail transit (LRT) system, encompassing 11 stations, nine traction power substations, an overhead contact system, and a maintenance and storage facility.

This project aims to enhance mobility in the area through several key benefits:

  1. Establishing an improved north-south transit connection between vital transit hubs and routes.
  2. Enhancing transit accessibility and connectivity for residents, enabling easier access to local and regional destinations and activity centers.
  3. Improving the efficiency of transit services, leading to more reliable and convenient transportation options.
  4. Encouraging a shift from private vehicle usage to public transit, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

Projected to open in 2028, this transit project will utilize the same rail technology as Metro's A, C, E, and L Lines. It will introduce 14 new stations between the G Line (Orange) Van Nuys Station and the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink Station. This transit system will significantly enhance the quality and service of transportation in the Valley, providing residents with improved access and superior transit options.

project in collaboration with Stantec & Gannett Flaming