Bahrain Muharraq Corniche Competition

Al Muharraq Corniche occupies a scenic coastal location on the northwestern coast of Muharraq Island. Positioned strategically as one of the island's gateways connecting to Manama, it boasts expansive waterfront vistas overlooking the capital. The site finds itself surrounded by significant cultural landmarks, including the Muharraq Souq and Bu Maher Fort, presenting an exciting opportunity for Al Muharraq Corniche to complement the existing network of museums, historical sites, and souqs within a 2km radius.

The intention for the site is to capitalize on the island's flourishing urban and tourism development strategies, adopting a commercial focus that harmonizes with the cultural and waterfront essence of the location. Drawing inspiration from the traditional boating and fishing activities already present on the site, Al Muharraq Corniche aims to establish itself as a vibrant leisure hub. Notably, it sets itself apart by seamlessly blending a diverse food and beverage offering with both traditional and contemporary waterfront activities, engaging both local residents and visiting tourists.

Moreover, the master plan envisions creating an active and dynamic waterfront destination that enhances the urban and waterfront identity of the island. The objective is to provide a comprehensive program that embraces the cultural, historical, and environmental significance of the island, offering a captivating experience for both residents and tourists to relish.

project in collaboration with Stantec