Jian Chuan Museum

This Museum is designed as a series of forms which reflect of the social, political, and economic conditions of the period of time when the Allied Forces were in China. These are the chaos and instability of the war contrasted with the strength and stability of history as well as the support from the Allied Forces.

The struggle and disunity of the resistance to the Japanese occupation created a very unstable and chaotic environment. The Museum exhibit areas are comprised of multiple vertical, horizontal and tilted planes that are organized along a clear circulation path are the physical from which represents this chaos and instability.

The great strength of the Chinese history and culture along with strength of the support from the Allied Forces and is represented in a strong organizing building that seems to be a very thick wall that rises from the water and gives the museum the power of projecting itself to the future. This ‘wall’ is the support services building for the Museum as well as an observation deck which leads from the water up to the top of the complex.

These basic design concepts allow the Museum to emerge as a combined expression of the peoples and events of the time.

project in collaboration with Hamilton Klow Associates & WWCOT